Attention All!! Fourteen new items added today for F-15, F-4 and A-10 in 1/48 scale with a set of 300 Gallon Skyhawk drop tanks in 1/32 scale. All links are hot! Thank you for choosing Phase Hangar Resin. Just a quick note that this company is owned and operated by one person, me, Mike Reeves. I currently have nearly 200 part numbers in my line so sometimes production is hampered by multiple parts in a particular set. If you are looking for Amazon fast turnaround, then I am not your guy. Having so many sets require several prints to complete just one part number in many cases. While 3D printing is a fantastic way to produce it is also quite time consuming and when you couple that with the amount of orders received weekly, it creates a back log. For that reason I fill orders as quickly as possible but you may wait several weeks, up to 8 to get orders filled. I am also a dad with a family so my weekends are not spent mostly filling orders. I hope you understand and respect that. This business is a passion and I am NOT Amazon! I am also terrible with emails as I spend more time working on orders than answering where your order is. I am normally sitting on 20-25 back orders depending on size and getting product printed, packaged and shipped is more important to me than guessing how soon your order will ship. I do have a lot of items in stock but sometimes a BIG order will deplete those items and I am back to back filling. End of the day, having a back log is a gift. It proves you enjoy my products. I only ask that you read this and understand that I can't make printers go faster and that your order is very important to me.

48192 F-15 Eagle Early horizontal stabs w/ Flaps & Ailerons (GWH)

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3D designed and printed set of corrected early horizontal stabs (set 48189) and our aileron and flap set (set 48191) combined to save you money if you want both. 

The set also comes with a jig to reposition the tails further aft on the kit where they are supposed to be. Some people may not care and leave them as they are. The attachment point also has a hole in it so you can add a length of rod to reinforce the tails if you so desire. 

The one thing that differentiates the early stabs from the later ones are the strengthening straps near the leading and trailing edges that were added on MSIP II jets and through the entire Strike Eagle and later series of jets. These straps helped alleviate cracking due to fatigue. Basically, if you are building a pre MSIP or MSIP one jet these are the stabs you need.