ANNOUNCEMENT TIME!! Hi all, yesterday I said I would have a big announcement about PHR and some changes that are going to happen. Well, here it is. As of January 5th, 2023 I will no longer be offering cast resin sets unless the cast parts are in a mixed media set such as the 1/48 OA-4M conversion and F-15 Eagle intakes. All other cast only items will be discontinued. There are several reasons for this. First and foremost, I have not had a "new" cast only master in nearly 2 years. Second, the cast only parts are getting long in the tooth and can now be replaced mostly with CAD drawn and 3D printed parts. Third, it is becoming a very difficult balancing act on a daily basis budgeting time to cast and pull resin as well as wash and cure 3D printed parts. Fourth, the cost of casting supplies is going through the roof making it nearly cost neutral to make molds etc. Lastly, I have NO desire to spend another summer in my garage here in Phoenix casting parts. I am also doing this to focus more of my time learning CAD and starting to draw some of my own items. There is a steep learning curve to this but luckily the guys that already supply me files are more than eager for me to learn. I am sure some may be disappointed or even mad about this but it is purely a business decision on how to make PHR grow and become more efficient. I will soon go back to live stock levels as it will make it easier for you to purchase directly knowing I have your item in stock. As always, thank you for your continued support!..................Mike One last thing, I have made shipping free worldwide for orders $75.00 USD and higher. I am doing my best to help you save some of your hard earned money. :)

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Mike Reeves has been an aircraft nut his entire life. It all started when I was a kid growing up in Phoenix, Arizona watching the Blue Angels flying their A-4 Skyhawks practicing for their air shows at Deer Valley Airport from the roof of my house after school. When I got to meet the Blues pilots I was hooked and my love of military aircraft began. I served in the USAF and spent a lot of time in and around fighter jets both in the CONUS and abroad in Germany.
My love of the hobby began at a very young age when I would watch my dad and brother build models at the kitchen table at our home in Michigan. My dad and brother built cars and trucks but I always wanted to build airplanes. My very first model was a Revell 1/72 Blue Angels F-4 Diamond set! Testors tube glue and sloppy paint work started the journey through the hobby that continues today.
My passion for the hobby eventually turned to making details for kits that did not exist. Once I discovered the allure of resin aftermarket from the likes of Verlinden I decided it was a game that I  wanted to get into. Two Mikes Resin Accessories was born in 2005 with a small number of products and has been a learning experience from day one. Two Mikes took pride in excellent quality, timely service and excellent customer relations.
We've grown a lot since 2005, and in 2017, Two Mikes Resin Accessories rebranded itself into Phase Hangar Resin Accessories to both reflect that growth and better distinguish ourselves within the industry. The new name reflects my time in the USAF as a Crew Chief and the Phase Hangar's significance to an aircrafts service life. And that's what we do here; Phase Hangar Resin Accessories will continue to produce high quality and detailed resin accessories to improve the quality of your models.
Lastly, I need to thank my wonderful wife and partner, Mandy. Her never ending support has really made this worthwhile.
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