48189 F-15 A/B/C/D/J Eagle "Early" Horizontal Stabs (GWH)

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3D Designed and printed corrected horizontal stabs to replace the over scaled (Late) versions in the kit. The set also comes with a jig to reposition the tails further aft on the kit where they are supposed to be. Some people may not care and leave them as they are. The attachment point also has a hole in it so you can add a length of rod to reinforce the tails if you so desire. 

The one thing that differentiates the early stabs from the later ones are the strengthening straps near the leading and trailing edges that were added on MSIP II jets and through the entire Strike Eagle and later series of jets. These straps helped alleviate cracking due to fatigue. Basically, if you are building a pre MSIP or MSIP one jet these are the stabs you need.

This simple addition will go a long way (along with all of our other F-15 products) to making your GWH Eagle really stand out.