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48125 Enhanced Laser Guided Training Round (ELGTR) set of two

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ELGTR is a cost-effective and prudent training solution for Warfighters—both aircrew and terminal air controllers. ELGTR accurately emulates the employment characteristics of Paveway™ II Laser Guided Bombs (LGBs) and provides live-fire training so aircrews can practice and refine delivery tactics in tactical mission environments while conserving operational weapon assets; and terminal air controllers can more effectively employ end-game lasing techniques. In 2006, Lockheed Martin enhanced the LGTR to improve performance against challenging airborne-designated tactical target engagements. The resulting enhancements significantly improved CEP and CE90 accuracy, providing the highest fidelity training capability that enables improved aircrew accuracy during error-inducing wind conditions. With today’s range limitations, budget constraints and pervasive waivers for weapons deliveries due to the lack of operational assets, the ELGTR provides aircrews with the ability to improve training frequency through an effective combination of lower unit cost and a smaller range safety footprint when compared with tactical Paveway II LGBs. The system is designed to minimize impact to the range and environment and is landfill-safe after use. The ELGTR future product development program includes a multiple carriage capability that will ultimately provide improved loadout on a variety of suspension equipment. The multi-carriage ELGTR further improves Paveway II LGB training efficiency and lowers total cost through use of multiple units during a single training sortie. In addition, multi-carriage ELGTR offers dramatically improved training opportunities for Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA). With multiple aircrew rotating through one RPA sortie, full weapons delivery options become available using the multi-carriage ELGTR.

 This set is 100% 3D printed of a truly unique "weapon" that is used quite often in the training environment for attack jets.

This set of two rounds provides both seeker heads and is packaged to prevent breakage of the fins. Enough parts provided for two full rounds.

3D file design provided by Nigel Poole