Attention All!! Fourteen new items added today for F-15, F-4 and A-10 in 1/48 scale with a set of 300 Gallon Skyhawk drop tanks in 1/32 scale. All links are hot! Thank you for choosing Phase Hangar Resin. Just a quick note that this company is owned and operated by one person, me, Mike Reeves. I currently have nearly 200 part numbers in my line so sometimes production is hampered by multiple parts in a particular set. If you are looking for Amazon fast turnaround, then I am not your guy. Having so many sets require several prints to complete just one part number in many cases. While 3D printing is a fantastic way to produce it is also quite time consuming and when you couple that with the amount of orders received weekly, it creates a back log. For that reason I fill orders as quickly as possible but you may wait several weeks, up to 8 to get orders filled. I am also a dad with a family so my weekends are not spent mostly filling orders. I hope you understand and respect that. This business is a passion and I am NOT Amazon! I am also terrible with emails as I spend more time working on orders than answering where your order is. I am normally sitting on 20-25 back orders depending on size and getting product printed, packaged and shipped is more important to me than guessing how soon your order will ship. I do have a lot of items in stock but sometimes a BIG order will deplete those items and I am back to back filling. End of the day, having a back log is a gift. It proves you enjoy my products. I only ask that you read this and understand that I can't make printers go faster and that your order is very important to me.

112002 ACES II Seat and rails with Sheepskin Covers

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Our first foray into 1/12 we proudly offer this 1/12 ACES II seat with Sheepskin seat covers. This seat is a scaled up version of our 1/48 seat and offers a huge canvas for you to paint and display. The seat will also be included in set 112001 which is our full 1/12 A-10C cockpit. If you don't have the room for the cockpit, the seat is a great display piece on its own! I carry very limited stock on these as they take a minimum of 24 hours to print one seat and rail set. 

Master pattern by Richard Van Zandt. It is printed in 8K for maximum detail as well.