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48070 F-14A Tomcat "Late" Exterior Set WITH TCS Clear Lens TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK

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This version of the F-14A Late exterior set is exactly the same as set 48069 with the exception of the clear cast TCS chin pod lens being included in this set. We offer it in the set although the kit part J3 will work perfectly on our TCS chin pod. 

What you get in the set are as follows

1. Hollowed Out NACA Gun Vent

2. TCS Chin Pod With Clear Cast Lens

3. Port NLG Door with ECM Blisters

4. Boat Tail with ECM Blister

5. Wing Glove Tip ECM Blisters

6. Wing Glove Bottom ECM Blisters Small

7. Wing Glove Bottom ECM Blisters Large

8. Dorsal GPS Antenna Panel

9. Port and Starboard Vertical Stabs with Standard Fin Tip Stiffeners

10. BOL Rails x2

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